Training on the Heating Microscope’s Use

Training on the Heating Microscope’s Use

We want to provide you with the best possible training on the use of our heating microscopes. With this in mind, we offer general and customised training on the instrument’s use, which we can deliver either on-site or at our premises.

Main features

Hesse Instruments offers training on the heating microscope’s use both for current EM301 instruments and for the predecessor EM201, as well as for modernised instruments from Leitz/Leica.

Our training focuses on practical work with the instrument, as well as providing you with theoretical background knowledge relating to thermal analysis and the heating microscope. The exact content of the training depends on your requirements and can either address basic principles or be geared towards an individual, application-oriented problem. As a rule, we will also adapt the training programme flexibly to suit the situation and participants.

Basic training on the heating microscope’s use

You receive comprehensive theoretical and practical instruction on the instrument’s use. The aims of basic training are:

  • training on the instrument’s use
  • avoidance of incorrect operation
  • achieving simpler and faster operation
  • prevention of systematic errors.

The scope of this training can be adapted to your requirements and budget, and you can choose whether the training is delivered on-site or at our premises.

Customised, application-specific training

If your staff are already familiar with the instrument’s operation and you wish to use the instrument for unconventional or extended analytical tasks, we can provide you with support in the form of training. This can build upon a consultation regarding materials testing and the development of measurement concepts or the modification of an instrument by Hesse Instruments.

Benefits at a glance

  • Content and scope of training
  • Result

Focus on practical instructions

  • Teaching of basic theoretical principles

  • Consolidation of content through work on the instrument

  • Learning through specific examples

  • Detailed and repeated execution of working steps

Flexible, situation-specific training content

  • Adaptation of training requirements to your needs

  • Adaptation to your staff’s current knowledge

Skilled operators

  • Efficient use of the heating microscope

  • Avoidance of incorrect operation

  • Improved operating reliability

  • Avoidance of unplanned downtime

Reduction of systematic errors

  • Reliable and precise results