Maintenance Service

Maintenance Service

In order to obtain reliable measurement results and minimise unplanned downtime, measuring instruments should be maintained regularly. Our skilled and experienced personnel therefore offer a maintenance service that can be used regularly or on a one-off basis.

Main features

During operation, the state of a heating microscope changes naturally due to ageing, component wear, or alteration of the instrument parameters. Components can also be impaired by improper use, accidents or contamination.

Any change to the instrument has an influence on your measurement results, and this may only be detected and rectified by experienced personnel.

On-site maintenance by our technicians includes the following:

  • inspection of the heating microscope and image analysis system
  • replacement of components if necessary
  • cleaning of the heating microscope
  • adjustment of the heating microscope
  • functional check by means of test measurement
  • documentation of the maintenance work.

Benefits at a glance

Inspection and replacement of defective components

  • Minimisation of unplanned downtime

  • Improved operating reliability

Cleaning and calibration by experienced technicians

  • Precise and accurate results

Guarantee of optimum instrument status

  • Reliable results