Installation Service

Installation Service

The aim of a measuring instrument is to deliver as precise and reliable measurement results as possible. To ensure that this is the case in a measuring instrument as complex as the heating microscope, our new instruments and modernisation solutions are always installed by us or by a trained cooperation partner.

Main features

New heating microscopes from Hesse Instruments are fully assembled and tested in our in-house laboratory prior to delivery. In addition to a furnace test, we measure reference materials in order to ensure the accuracy and precision of the instrument. All of the results are carefully documented and subsequently handed over to the customer. When it comes to delivering the instrument, the components are packed individually and then reassembled by our experienced technicians during installation.

If you are upgrading your heating microscope from EMI 2 to EMI III, a complete maintenance of the existing heating microscope is performed to ensure the best possible results.

Our installation service typically includes:

  • assembly of the components
  • adjustment of the heating microscope
  • operational testing in the form of one or more test measurements
  • comparison with the test results obtained prior to delivery
  • a short briefing on the instrument’s use.

During the briefing, you will be introduced to the instrument’s practical use through a series of initial steps that are performed jointly after a short introduction. If you wish, you can provide us with your own sample material for the test measurements. This will then be prepared, measured and evaluated jointly as part of the briefing. You can also receive more-extensive training on the heating microscope’s use.

Benefits at a glance

Installation by trained personnel

  • Optimum installation results

  • Optimum calibration of the heating microscope

  • Guarantee of maximum operability

  • Reliable measurement results

  • Official acceptance of the instrument’s functionality

Training for your staff on the instrument’s use

  • Time savings and efficient use of the instrument

  • Reduction of systematic errors

  • Specific example of the heating microscope’s capabilities