Service and Support

Service and Support

Hesse Instruments offers customer service and technical support provided by experienced and skilled engineers and technicians. Our aim is to find the best possible product solution for you and to guarantee the optimum operation of your products.

Technical support

Our technical support provides you with quick and comprehensive advice in the event of problems or questions regarding the use of our products, as well as extensive instructions and assistance.

Customer service

Our technical sales team will advise you during purchasing in order to help you select the heating microscope model that best meets your requirements or to develop specialised solutions.

To ensure that you can use your products as efficiently as possible, we provide an installation and maintenance service as well as training on the instrument’s use. In addition, you can benefit from the experience of our engineers and technicians when it comes to developing alternative experimental concepts and measurement methods.

Customer-specific adaptation of heating microscopes

  • Solutions for technical modifications
  • For new and existing instruments
  • Both minor and fundamental modifications

Installation service

  • Installation, calibration and acceptance measurement
  • Guarantee of optimum instrument status
  • Optional training on the instrument’s use

Maintenance service

  • Guarantee of optimum instrument status
  • Basis for reliable measurement results
  • Avoidance of unplanned instrument downtime

Training on the heating microscope’s use

  • For maximum efficiency in the instrument’s use
  • Theoretical and practical training
  • On-site or at Hesse Instruments

Development of measurement concepts

  • Solutions for unconventional tasks
  • Expansion of the heating microscope’s area of application
  • Skilled team with experience in materials testing

Instructions and advice

  • Detailed technical documentation
  • Reports with example measurements
  • Personalised advice and instructions