Customer-Specific Adaptation

Customer-Specific Adaptation of Heating Microscopes

Thanks to its modular and open construction, the heating microscope from Hesse Instruments can be expanded and adapted easily according to customer-specific requirements. Our staff will develop solutions for you during purchasing or as modifications of existing systems.

Main features

Heating microscopes from Hesse Instruments and Leitz/Leica were originally developed for analysing the melting characteristics of ashes. In addition, the heating microscope has proven to be a reliable instrument for analysing the softening and melting characteristics of ceramic materials, glasses, casting powders and various other materials.

Modern heating microscopes from Hesse Instruments contain state-of-the-art software and hardware with high resolving power and newly developed evaluation algorithms. As a result, modern devices can be used for analytical methods extending beyond the analysis of softening and melting characteristics. Their analytical capabilities include:

In addition, you can expand these analytical capabilities and adapt them to your requirements with a technical modification of the heating microscope. To this end, we will work with you to develop solutions that meet your requirements, and to implement the corresponding technology. Examples of modifications include:

  • fitting a larger furnace
  • adapting the optics
  • equipping the instrument to produce a low vacuum.

Benefits at a glance

Expanded range of applications 

  • One instrument for numerous analysis methods

  • More efficient use of the heating microscope

Adaptation to individual requirements and specific tasks

  • Allows measurements imitating real process conditions

  • More meaningful results

  • More extensive testing of material characteristics