Original Parts

Original Replacement and Wear Parts

Some components of the heating microscope, such as thermocouples and heating elements, are exposed to mechanical or thermal stresses and are therefore subject to natural wear. Components can also be destroyed by contamination or accidents and must then be replaced.

For these situations, Hesse Instruments offers a range of original replacement and wear parts. We take particular care to ensure that these are high-quality components, as their quality has a direct impact on:

  • the operating reliability and instrument safety
  • the quality of your measurement results
  • the service life of the components.

In order to minimise downtime of your heating microscope, we recommend that you keep a stock of the most important replacement and wear parts. With this in mind, we offer sets that are tailored to the specific heating-microscope model.

You will find both the individual parts and the ready-made sets in the catalogue below. Please do not hesitate to contact us to request a printed version.