Development of Measurement Concepts

Development of Measurement Concepts

The construction and measurement method of the heating microscope from Hesse Instruments can be adapted to real processes or specific research tasks. For this purpose, we offer support in the form of advice, development of measurement concepts, and the option to make technical modifications to the heating microscope.

Main features

The heating microscope is typically used to study the softening and melting characteristics of compressed powder charges by analysing silhouettes of specimens according to established methods. The underlying methods are described in standards relating to the analysis of melting characteristics of ashes.

In addition to pure material analysis, the heating microscope is often used for the development or adaptation of processes or for research projects. In such cases, it may be necessary to adapt the measuring methodology to the respective task. Measuring parameters that can be modified for these purposes include the following:

  • Specimen: geometry and size of the powder compact
  • Specimen type: e.g. powder compact, solid, or granule
  • Substrate: e.g. material and geometry
  • Atmosphere: e.g. inert gas, reducing or oxidising atmosphere
  • Heating programme: conventional heating rates or shock heating, dwell times
  • Analysis parameters: affecting automatic image analysis in EMI III

The adaptation of the measuring parameters can be accompanied by a technical adaptation of the heating microscope. In the past, devices have been fitted with larger furnaces, for example, or with systems for low vacuum applications. Having developed a wide range of projects, our staff have extensive expertise in the field of heating microscopy and materials testing in general.

If development is your chosen route, we will discuss the nature of the task with you, determine possible solutions, carry out preliminary testing at our premises, and provide you with task-specific operating instructions and technical modifications for your instrument.

Benefits at a glance

More efficient use of your heating microscope

Adaptation of measurement concept to specific tasks

  • Expanded range of applications

  • More efficient use of your heating microscope

  • Allows measurements imitating real process conditions

  • More meaningful results

  • More extensive testing of material characteristics

Professional advice

  • Access to many years of experience in materials testing

  • Access to existing solutions for adapting your heating microscope

  • Engineers with expertise in materials science