Due to the changes to the service and support of EMI 2, we are exclusively offering our customers the following special promotion until 30.09.2022:

  • Special discount for the upgrade to the current heating microscope software EMI III
  • Reduction of the base price from 7.650,00 € to 4.995,00 €
  • Includes preconfigured measuring station computer with EMI III and state of the art camera

EMI III offers advantages over EMI 2, including an expanded feature set, higher resolution, and expanded…

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As a result from personnel and technical reasons, the following changes apply to our long-proven image analysis software EMI 2:

  • By the end of 2022: Discontinuation of free support for EMI 2.
  • Until mid 2023: Discontinuation of complete service and support for EMI 2.

These changes mark the end of an era for us. EMI 2 has been reliably used by our customers worldwide for 20 years for heating microscopy in a variety of applications, ranging from the determination of ash fusibility, to ceramics…

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The new "Extended heating rates" module for the EMI III heating microscope software offers you the possibility to heat your specimens up slowly while still in a controlled manner. This option is put into effect by switching the units of the heating rate from Kelvin per minute (K/min) to Kelvin per hour (K/h). With the new module, you can reduce the minimal heating rate from 0.1 K/min to 0.0017 K/min, or 0.1 K/h respectively.

Low heating rates like these are of interest for all users, who want…

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Heating microscopes can be used for a wide range of tasks. In order to provide our customers with a detailed insight into the capabilities of the EM301 heating microscope, we have created a new series of application reports on the topics of materials characterisation, instrument characteristics, and the investigation of the influence of measuring parameters. The reports are based on an extensive series of example measurements that were carried out in our laboratory.

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