About Us

For more than 20 years, Hesse Instruments has been developing, producing and modernising software-based thermal analysis instruments for use in materials testing. We have particular expertise in the area of heating microscopy: our heating microscopes and the accompanying software undergo constant further development and are sold all over the world. 

As a medium-sized company based in Germany, Hesse Instruments is synonymous with precise and reliable measuring instruments, as well as personalised, expert advice and customer service.

What we represent


The measurement result is paramount. Whether in research, process monitoring or quality control, measurement results are used to make fundamental and far-reaching decisions. Our aim is to provide you with an analysis instrument that delivers precise and reliable results.


Quality – Made in Germany. Our instruments are intended to provide you with reliable operation. We therefore use high-quality and durable components and test them carefully. In keeping with the motto “quality over quantity”, we only offer solutions that work and that deliver on our promises.

Customer-friendly service

We want to ensure that you can use our products as easily and efficiently as possible. To this end, our team of skilled and experienced technicians and engineers are on hand to advise you. We will support you with acute problems or questions and work with you to develop special solutions for the heating microscope or measurement concepts, tailored to your individual needs.

Hesse Instruments around the world

Our products are manufactured in Germany before being sold across Europe, Asia, and North and South America. These sales are supported by a network of long-standing and reliable distribution partners. To ensure the best possible service for customers in their local area, our partners can provide practical support and advice on our products’ operation thanks to their teams of competent and trained technicians.

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