Technical Data

Camera and lens
Camera CCD camera - black and white
Lens Special macro lens
Magnification 4) Typical magnification: width of the image: 9 mm with a specimen width of 3 mm (Wspecimen = 1/3 Wimage)
Resolution Depending on the adjusted magnification and specimen size
  • Length: < 0,1 % of the relative specimen width or height
  • Area: < 0,1 % of the relative projected area of the specimen
  • Angle: < 1°
4) Refers to the information that is stored on the camera chip
Measurement chain of the specimen temperature
Thermocouple types
  • EPA-6: thermocouple type S
  • EPA-8: thermocouple type B
Position of the thermocoupleInside of the specimen holder, directly underneath the test piece
Signal processing
  • Cold junction compensation
  • Digitization
  • Linearization
Measurement uncertaintyStandard measurement uncertainty u(T) ≤ 5 K
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