Heating Microscope Upgrade to EMI III

EMI III is the successor to the EMI 2 image analysis software from Hesse Instruments. Customers who already have a heating microscope from Hesse Instruments or Leitz/Leica with EMI 2 can upgrade their system to EMI III easily.

Main features

Comparison of EMI 2 and EMI III

The EMI III heating microscope software was developed based on Hesse Instruments’ tried-and-tested EMI 2 image analysis software. The full functionality of EMI 2 has been included in EMI III, and the range of functions has been expanded to boost ease-of-use and to provide additional options for the preparation, performance and evaluation of measurements.

In addition to the expanded range of functions, EMI III improves upon EMI 2’s performance considerably. The software has been designed for current operating systems and hardware and therefore permits, among other things, more accurate resolution during image analysis and greater storage capacity for silhouettes of the test piece.

  • Detailed comparison of EMI 2 and EMI III

    Detailed comparison of EMI 2 and EMI III

        EMI 2 EMI III
    Performance Designed for current operating systems
      Designed for current hardware
      Unlimited storage of images
      Image analysis using greyscale method
    Measurement preparation Assistance with camera image adjustment
    • Selection of image sections for analysis
    • Aids such as grids and specimen shapes
      Method storage for measurement configuration and heating programmes
    Measurement execution Automatic furnace control
      Real-time evaluation and display of results
    Measurement evaluation Display of results: interactive display media
      Input of detailed notes
      Traceability of changes
      Extended graph and image functions, including:
    • Zoom and image section
    • Result marker on graphs
      Storage of generated graphs
    Measurement management Extended database
      Extended archiving function
      Extended export function
    Automatic generation of test reports Short test report
      Long test report
    • Custom compilation
    • Insertion of notes, graphs, etc.
    • Insertion of user data, e.g. logo
    • Title page with text fields
    Extended configuration options Evaluation parameters
      Users and user rights
      User data
    • Logo
    • Address
    Extension with modules

Scope of supply and installation of upgrade

In order to guarantee the improved performance of EMI III, the upgrade to this version includes not only the EMI III heating microscope software but also the following hardware and software components:

  • Measuring station computer:  EMI III comes installed on a preconfigured and ready-to-use measuring station computer. In addition to the operating system and heating microscope software, the computer is equipped with all of the necessary hardware interfaces.
  • Network-compatible CCD camera:  A more powerful camera with faster transmission delivers images in the necessary resolution for the newly developed evaluation algorithms. The camera is compatible with the existing macro lens of the EM201.
  • Temperature acquisition device or ModBus module:  Depending on the needs and conditions, the Hesse Instruments furnace control is equipped with a new temperature acquisition device or a new ModBus module for communication with EMI III.
  • EMI 2 - Data import module: The upgrade to EMI III includes a data import module that allows you to import and examine EMI 2 measurements in EMI III.

The upgrade installation is designed and documented so that you can easily carry out the process yourself. After a single adjustment procedure, the upgraded heating microscope is ready for use.

Further information on our installation service

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Benefits at a glance

Improved performance

  • State-of-the-art hardware and software
  • High-performance image analysis
  • Advanced evaluation algorithms
  • Exact determination of the outline of test pieces
  • Finely resolved analysis as part of automatic image analysis
  • Network-compatible CCD camera 
  • Faster, digital transmission of recorded images
  • Lossless conversion  
  • Improved image quality

Improved efficiency

  • Clear, structured user interface
  • Straightforward and intuitive operation
  • Short training periods for staff
  • Clear presentation of measurements and measurement results
  • Wider range of functions than EMI 2
  • Easier operation
  • Enhanced control during the preparation and evaluation of measurements
  • Easier and more-detailed documentation of results
  • Methodological management
  • Time savings during measurement preparation
  • Reduction of systematic errors
  • Automatic evaluation and documentation
  • Optimum and rapid evaluation of measurements
  • Automatic generation of test reports
  • Interactive display of measurement results
  • Linking of graphs, images and numerical values
  • Rapid individual evaluation
  • Custom design of graphs and test reports

Control and flexibility

  • Configuration of evaluation parameters
  • Direct influence on automatic image analysis
  • Adjustment of parameters to different measurement concepts, including atypical ones
  • Traceability of changes in measurement evaluation
  • All changes to an existing measurement are documented automatically
  • Reduction of systematic errors
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