Special Promotion for Upgrade to Heating Microscope Software EMI III until 30.09.2022

Due to the changes to the service and support of EMI 2, we are exclusively offering our customers the following special promotion until 30.09.2022:

  • Special discount for the upgrade to the current heating microscope software EMI III
  • Reduction of the base price from 7.650,00 € to 4.995,00 €
  • Includes preconfigured measuring station computer with EMI III and state of the art camera

EMI III offers advantages over EMI 2, including an expanded feature set, higher resolution, and expanded applications for heating microscopy. Existing measurements from EMI 2 can be imported into EMI III. More details about the upgrade can be found here.

Please note: The special discount does not apply to the upgrade installation service, which includes maintenance of the heating microscope and a brief introduction to EMI III.

More information about the special offer


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