Limitation and discontinuation of support for image analysis software EMI 2

As a result from personnel and technical reasons, the following changes apply to our long-proven image analysis software EMI 2:

  • By the end of 2022: Discontinuation of free support for EMI 2.
  • Until mid 2023: Discontinuation of complete service and support for EMI 2.

These changes mark the end of an era for us. EMI 2 has been reliably used by our customers worldwide for 20 years for heating microscopy in a variety of applications, ranging from the determination of ash fusibility, to ceramics and glass or steel and foundry products.

Every end has a beginning. Our successor software EMI III has been in use since 2015. EMI III is under continuous development and can be installed as an upgrade for heating microscopes with EMI 2. Measurements from EMI 2 can be imported and processed. In addition, EMI III offers a wider range of functions and our customers and we are continuously discovering new, extended fields of application.

Please contact us with any questions about the future of EMI 2 or details about EMI III.

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