Extremely low heating rates – new module for the EMI III heating microscope software

The new "Extended heating rates" module for the EMI III heating microscope software offers you the possibility to heat your specimens up slowly while still in a controlled manner. This option is put into effect by switching the units of the heating rate from Kelvin per minute (K/min) to Kelvin per hour (K/h). With the new module, you can reduce the minimal heating rate from 0.1 K/min to 0.0017 K/min, or 0.1 K/h respectively.

Low heating rates like these are of interest for all users, who want to adjust a process-oriented heating profile or who want to meticulously determine temperature-induced material processes. In general, this applies to all sintering processes in the field of ceramics or powder metallurgy. Amongst others, the module is used for monitoring de-binding processes for the production of electroceramics.

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